Ground Signs | Monuments & Pylons

Increase your company's exposure with a quality Ground Sign for your business location. Commercial Ground Signs are a great return on investment as they provide your company with multiple advantages, including: brand exposure, 24 hours of advertising, a professional brand image, an established landmark and roadside. The most popular ground signs are known as Monuments (ground level signs) and Pylons (High Rise Signs). Our team of sign industry experts will advise you on the most effect sign styles, sizes, materials, lighting and location to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

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Monument Signs are ground level structures used at the roadside of a commercial property to advertise a company or organization.

  • Ground level signage constructed of
  • Usally seen
  • business parks, housing developments, hospitals
  • architectural

Pylon Signs | Pole Signs | High Rise Signs

Pole Signs

  • Shopping Centers and Plazas

A leading designer and manufacturer of pylon signs, Outdoor Images, Inc, is a full service provider of high-visibility outdoor commercial signage. Located in Cocoa, and Orlando, FL, our customers can benefit from speedy response times as with two locations we can get to you sooner, and work more easily with the customer: from the initial planning phase to the completion of each project. Pylon signs present a multitude of complex challenges, such as electrical connections, state and local code requirements and permitting, engineering associated with materials and location-specific environmental factors, as well as sheduling and executing proper installation in and around high traffic areas and public utility installations. Trust the industry leader in pylon and pole sign construction to handle every aspect of your complex sign projects.

The Power of Place

Pylon signs commonly become so closely affiliated with their locations that they are established as a local landmark people recognize and are drawn toward.

Wendys Restaurant Pylon Sign